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A picture of the building the company is located in. On the left, it shows a brick sign saying: 453 Grand, in the center, the Professional Assistance Plus sign is seen. On the right is the entry door below a sign for NBC Channel 12.
For tax year 2022 returns, if you have not brought in your return yet, we can no longer guarantee that they will be completed by the tax due date of April 18th 2023. You may still bring in your returns, but they will have to be extended.


Tax Organizer

This document provides us an overview of your income, expenses, and deductions. This needs to be completed and brought with you to the office every time you give us a tax return.

Tax Organizer 2022 (PDF)

New Client Form

If you are a new client, you will also need to fill out a form so we can get to know you.

New Tax Client Form (PDF)

Otherwise, you can now fill the form out online:

New Individual Tax Client Form

Rent Certificate

If you rent an appartment or house in the State of Wisconsin, you should be given a rent certificate disclosing how much you paid in rent that year. If you did not receive this form, print this copy out, and ask your landlord to fill it.

Wisconsin Rent Certificate 2021 (PDF)

Old forms

Type of form Tax year Download
Tax Organizer 2021 Tax Organizer 2021 (PDF)