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A picture of the building the company is located in. On the left, it shows a brick sign saying: 453 Grand, in the center, the Professional Assistance Plus sign is seen. On the right is the entry door below a sign for NBC Channel 12.

Our Employees

Lynn Geier


A portrait of Lynn Geier.

Lynn Geier — Owner

I started in the income tax business when I was sixteen years old by helping my dad in his tax business. We didn't have computers or copiers at the time, so my first job was to copy and duplicate the tax returns that my dad prepared. Over the next several years my dad taught me the basics of tax preparation so I could assist in the preparation of the easier returns.

In 1978, when I graduated from high school, I decided to enroll in NTC majoring in accounting. I completed my degree in 1980 and went to work for a public accounting firm which gave me a broad amount of experience in the accounting and income tax field. I started my own small tax firm in 1981 which I operate still today, although it is much larger now.

I took over my fathers practice when he was ready to retire from tax preparation and see many of those same clients still today.

In 2008 I went back to school at Upper Iowa University to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in accounting along with a large portion of my Masters degree in accounting. I am currently working on finishing my master's and considering also studying for my PhD.

I have a son named Dillon, who is also my I.T. person, a fiance' named Tony and three dogs Diesel, Carmel and Gizmo. I like to cross stitch, camp, sing, and ride my Spyder motorcycle. I have been actively involved in the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Wausau for the past 40 years when I have had the honor of holding the offices of the State President and the Great Lakes Regional President. I am also a member of the Noon Optimist International working on their many fundraising projects.

Dillon Geier

Information Technology

A portrait of Dillon Geier.

Dillon Geier — Information Technology

Greetings. I work here to create and setup the company's systems. I am enrolled at I.T. for software development. For years, I have been interested in computers and software development. During my time here, I helped Lynn setup and configure the computer network, Wi-Fi, and servers. In the future, I will also be helping with data entry for tax returns and QuickBooks.

I have been working with Lynn in her tax business for five years now. During that time, I mostly have been helping enter data. In more recent times, the office moved to Grand Avenue. At that point, I was asked to come in and help create and design the computer system and network for the office.

Elaine Streeter


A portrait of Elaine Streeter.

Elaine Streeter — Receptionist

Just sitting at home in retirement, it was boring so when my friend needed help, I said: "I can help you." So here I am.

I previously worked at Wausau Insurance for 30 years, and Marshfield Clinic for five years. Technology is really a challenge, but it keeps the mind working. I enjoy greeting and talking to the clients.

I have two children, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, and my constant companion Le Roy, a Russian Blue Cat, that allows me to live in his house.